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PA Escape Rooms provides a unique opportunity for your organization to promote Teamwork, Individual and group strengths, and challenges employees to think in different ways.  Our rooms emphasize cooperation, communication, problem solving and critical thinking in a group setting all while having FUN!


PA Escape Rooms has hosted many local companies for communication and Team Building events, and can accommodate groups up to 34 persons in a single time One (1) hour time slot. All larger groups can be separated into groups of 8 – 10 players by utilizing our 4 separate rooms simultaneously.


Customized Booking

Corporate or Team Building groups may book outside of our regular business hours Monday through Fridays. Team building events include the use of our conference room and lobby from, 30 minutes prior and up to 60 minutes after your event. You may supply Catered food for any off hour or customized bookings.


PA Escape Rooms can customize packages from a single game plan to a four game continuous Team building experience. Multiple game packages are recommended for the same group of players to return and play different rooms within a specified period of time.  All Game Packages can be designed to fit your timeline or budget requirements. Maintaining the same group of players in different rooms optimizes the Team building experience.


PA Escape Rooms is a great tool for Human Resources professionals to immerse prospective employees into a team structure and explore the potential for those individuals to work together.


Please contact our office to discuss your customized package today! All package costs are designed in accordance with the number of players and the level of team building desired.  Our team would be happy to discuss all options with you by contacting 570-382-8902.

Corporate Team Building